Piano Rental Services


Q - Do the pianos play properly ?

A - Yes, each piano is fully checked, serviced, cleaned, regulated and tuned by our qualified and registered piano technician "The Piano Doctor" before delivery.

Q - Can I hire a piano in my home ?
A - Yes you can. We hire pianos to beginners, advanced students, teachers and professional pianists.

Q - How long will it take before I can get a piano delivered ?
A - Usually the next day following your request.

Q - How long do I have to hire it for ?
A - Its your choice. There is no minimum period. You may return it whenever you wish.

Q - How much does it cost ?
A - From $50.00 per month plus GST.

Q - What is the difference between a piano that costs $55 per month and a piano that costs $99 per month ?
A - The value and quality of the piano. For example - a piano valued at around $2000 may cost $55 per month to hire and a piano valued around $5000 may cost $99 per month.

Q - Do I need put down a deposit or bond?
A - No. A deposit or bond is not required.

Q - Why is the quality of a piano important ?
A - Because the cost of piano lessons can be entirely wasted if you can't practice on a good quality piano that will stay in tune.

Q - Is that why my piano teacher uses a high quality piano ?
A - Yes. Your teacher wants you to hear each note precisely and distinctly. Your piano at home must be the same.

Q - How do I know the pianos you hire are good quality ?
A - We guarantee all our pianos. And all pianos are fully regulated & tuned by our qualified and registered piano technician before they are delivered.

Q - Do I get a stool with the piano ?
A - Yes. Every piano comes with a stool supplied.

Q - How much does it cost for delivery of the piano to my home ?
A - The cost for transport varies from time to time. We will be happy to quote you by phone or e-mail.

Q - My piano teacher told me that the piano I use must be tuned to concert pitch ! How will I know ?
A - We guarantee that every piano we hire is tuned to concert pitch for you by an experienced piano tuner.

Q - Do you hire Grand Pianos ?
A - Yes. We have both black and white Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos.

Q - Who hires Grand Pianos ?
A - We hire them for concerts, weddings, recitals, promotions, cocktail parties and any social occasion.

Q - What pianos do you have available for hire ?
A - Click here and we will show you.

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